Friday, August 22, 2008

Insensitive? Damn Right...The Snarkster Was There Once, The Institution of White Coats and Basket Weaving...


They're Coming to Take Me Away, HA HA.... (Napoleon XIV)


Music video for the 1966 hit song "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa" by Napoleon XIV (Jerry Samuels).

The video depicts the effect on the mental health of an individual after the break-up of his relationship. The main character addresses his ex-girlfriend and describes his descent into madness after she has left him. He has become so disturbed that he no longer obeys the normal laws of physics. He believes he is being pursued by men in white coats who are coming to take him away and welcomes them as an end to his misery. Anyone who has gone through a painful breakup and suffered resulting mental anguish can relate to this.. Thanks to all who helped. Enjoy!

Uh, actually, the song is about the singer's lost dog that took off and left him flat for...another dog?

Girl squeeze on the lam, dirty doggy antics, what's the difference?

Still, the video is pretty funny, even though it deals in stereotypes of straitjackets, babbling, wild-eyed looks, and shaggy beards.

The Snarkster has personal experience in the white coat area, but TS doesn't take all this silliness personally.

Besides, Wild Man Fischer DOES seem to fit the stereotype, though TS (who met WMF back in the day) suspects it was all an elaborate act to help Frank Zappa sell records.

"The Circle" (Wild Man Fischer): An Evening with Wild Man Fischer


This album is from the late 1960's; WMF's career was sponsored by the late Frank Zappa.

The woman pictured with the wild man on the album cover is his mother; according to rumor the two were very close, and she was his biggest fan.

A secret: WMF once asked The Snarkster out; TS, just 18 at the time and already in a relationship, passed.

Besides, TS was holding out for Jim Morrison.

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