Saturday, August 9, 2008

More John Edwards: The Snarkster is No Conservative, But...

...These guys have nailed it. Actually, Mr. "Family Values" John Edwards been "nailing" Rielle Hunter on a regular basis.

linkypizzark says,

Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on [July 25, 2008]admitted to an extramarital affair while his wife was battling cancer. He denied fathering the woman's daughter Frances Quinn Hunter.

Of course this is all old news as the national enquirer hunted him down and caught him red-handed a couple of weeks ago. Many of the scenes from this video are from his webisode 1 which Rielle Hunter produced and filmed while he was having an affair with her. We now learn he is paying her hush money $15,000 per month. The baby's name is Frances Quinn Hunter. Oh, btw, Edwards won the father of the year award just 9 months ago!
At least with Bill Clinton, he knew he was a dog and didn't pretend otherwise.


BTW, John Edwards calls in the Cheat Team:

Voices (all) by Mark Douglas. Edited by Michael Stevens.


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