Friday, August 15, 2008

Power Up Your iPod with an Onion Soaked in Gatorade?


In this episode we show you how to charge your iPod (or other mp3 player) for up to 20 minutes using electrolytes derived from Gatorade or Powerade which are then stored within the cells of an onion.

You will need:

1. 1 White onion
2. 2 cups of Gatorade
3. Screwdriver
4. iPod and USB cable

Music by: Casino Vs Japan


As with this experiment and all other HouseHold Hacker videos. We cannot be held responsible for damage or mistakes made if attempting the experiments. These projects are for demonstration purposes only and should not be attempted at home.
Category: Howto & Style
Tags: charge ipod with electrolytes and onion howto hacks hack tech house hold household hacker


The Snarkster does not own an iPod--yeah, sooooo lame--but TS suggests not doing this experiment on your precious geegaw. Unless you are rich, in which case, you can buy another one. Otherwise, you're an idiot.

TS wonders what the Wii headtracking guy would think?

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