Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Snarkster Kinda Likes These Guys and Decided to Subscribe and Paris Who Never Seems to Go Away...

This Week in YouTube

mahalodotcom says,

Today on This Week in YouTube, Lon Harris and Leah D'Emilio present the show that doesn't wear black masks, even though it's shot in Beijing. First up is a clip revealing a dreadful conspiracy spreading rainbows across the nation, an unreleased project by Joss Whedon, and an attack ad by John McCain. Paris Hilton fires back immediately, and as a result, McCain's head explodes. Wrapping up this week in YouTube is a clip from 1920s Dark Knight, a Heavy Metal Monk, and The Pharcyde's first video since they reunited. That's This Week in YouTube, which we watch so you don't have to.


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