Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Dominatrix—Sarah Palin

Here she comes—“Hockey Mom!!!
“Slick, unqualified, right-wing extremist
plus religious zealot designer glasses.”

She be “Moose ex Machina”—
She “guns down wolves from the air”
She be “babaliciousness” babe!!!

She be rightwing “Maverick Mom”!!!
Stand back quick folks, watch out!!!
She be the new GOP Queen Bee!!!

She be “Spiro Agnew Veep”—
Born Again, baby, watch out!!!
Even Nixon gots the die-hard lust…

She be the “Great White Shark”—
In “Victoria’s secret lingerie” full of
Ban all books except the Bible!!!

She be “faux-populist” sexy—
She loves to “demonize” the Demos
She be “Pinup Girl”—Mistress Pain!!!


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