Thursday, September 25, 2008

GOP Snark Opera (2008)

GOP Snark Opera

"Come on, talk to God about this woman. We declare, save her from Satan," Muthee said as two attendants placed their hands on Palin's shoulders. "Make her way my God. Bring finances her way even for the campaign in the name of Jesus. ... Use her to turn this nation the other way around."
Speaking in tongues—
Modern-day skanky prophesy,
Faith healing, sweaty
Smarmy laying of hands.

Snarky towns & cities—
Smarmy-looking streets
Whose people surely deserve
Better than this...

Smarm!!! Smarm!!!
Smarmy moons waxing and
Wormy, pulling down the
Crummy starlit marquee…

Bleak smarmy faces—
Forever getting more snaky,
Midnight on the Moon-dial,
Oozing razors and ouzo…

Mountain pukey peaks—
Skyscrapers draped in
Sleek skanky art deco,
Plus humble hunchbacks…

Pinhead pretty boyz—
Pale precocious pouty,
Schmoozing their way
Thru labyrinthine alleys…

Mazes of snorkeled
Smarty certitude and
Deepening scummy
Sacrilegious douchebags…

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