Monday, September 1, 2008

Intelligent Design(ing)

"What happened in New Orleans was
the curse of God... It was a city that
was planning a sinful conduct.''
—John Hagee

“Katrina was, in fact, the judgment of
God against New Orleans. The city had
a level of sin that was offensive to God
because there was to be a homosexual
parade there on the Monday that the
Katrina came.”
—John Hagee

"I point the finger in their face and say,
“You helped this happen."
—Jerry Falwell

"We take no joy in the death of
innocent people, but we believe
God is in control of the weather.
The day Bourbon Street and the
French Quarter was flooded was
the day that 125,000 homosexuals
were going to be celebrating sin
in the streets. We're calling it an
act of God, halleluya!!!"
—Michael Marcavage,
Director Repent America

Poor Maria Ouspenskaya—
crushed by the stone tablets
thrown down in anger by
Charlton Heston as Moses
in The Ten Commandments!!!

Along with all the fags and dykes—
down there in the sinful Big Easy,
God’s punishment once again for
Sodom and Gomorrah homosexual
Mardi Gras gay drag parades!!!

Rich glitzy GOP party poopers—
turn Jonah-esque, spared by God
with a glancing blow by Gustav,
to revel after all, well-heeled
lobbyists, delegates, senators…

Turning embarrassing party time—
into fundraiser antidote to the
awkward image of drunk, lurid,
merrymaking disaster revisit to
Katrina Hurricane déjà vu horror.

Cash, checks, pledges flowing in—
for Hurricane Gustav flood victims
instead of the usual whores, French
Quarter nightclubs, fine restaurants,
Mississippi Queen riverboat cruises…

“Political Chicks a Go Go”—
Sponsored by “Rock the Vote” and
Conservative “Women Right NOW”
along with “Texas Honky Tonk”
slutty country music twang…

Pistol-Packin’ Sarah Palin—
Cool calm shotgun-tottin’ Chaney,
pressing the humid flesh along
with 17-year-old Bristol Palin—
pregnant, unmarried daughter…

Along with Pastor John Hagee—
down on his knees in Lafitte’s
praying for all the sinful queers,
praying for Jerry Fartwell’s soul,
praying for Beltway Bible School!!!

Oh, Lordy, Lordy, what a Show—
What an All-American Soap Opera,
From Head to skanky Toe, from
Sea to Shining Sea, Sweet Jesus—

How low can the Big Easy go!?!

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