Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moose Hunting for Jesus

My Cheesy Moosey True Confessions—

I Have the Hots for Moosey Muscular Types! Adolescent Alaskan Sasquach Studs Turn Me On! Gifted Cross-Eyed Moose-Boys Know What I Like! OH C-A-N-A-D-A Cute Moosey Hockey Jocks! Sexy Victoria-Vancouver Venus Torsos! Their Mesmerizing Canadian Moose Love Calls! Their Stooped Bent Lop-sided Moose Meat! Their Dimwitted Moosejaw Gooey Dinner Indiscretions! Their Pretty Crisco-Coated Canadian Wobbley Cranks! Throbbing Pulsating Half-Bred Moose Knobby Cankers! Their Bruised Rectal Moose-Boy Greedy Sprockets! Their Sexy Overdrive Smiling Chewy Moosey Smiles! Their Wild Rug-Burn Flaming Moose Smokin' Sex! Their Moosey Inferno Colossal Gurgling Teen Egoism! Their Moosey Honeydew Tripping Meatloaf! Their Curly Moosey Dreadlocks! Their Northern Lights Bulging Boners! Their Moist Canadian Root-Love Tool-Jobs! Their Censored Canadian Bacon!

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