Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Asylum Snark Cleave Poetry: The Snarkster Exhibits Mild Acting Out ;=)

The Cherokee Mental Health Institute, Cherokee, Iowa

Evaluation of Jennifer L. Semple, 
by R. Lowenberg,
Cherokee Mental Health Institute, 1969

A battery -- a fisticuff

of psychological -- masked voodoo

tests reveals -- the shadow unmasked

that the patient -- who held against her will

manifests some -- exhibits major

mild acting out tendencies -- head-banging mayhem

which is consistent -- not in lockstep

with past behavior. -- with future behavior.

It is probable -- It is dead certain

that the inclination -- the Snarkster's inclination

to conflict with social -- the flouting of ridiculous

convention will persist -- two plus two equals whatever

but genuine anti-social -- faux anti-social

behavior is contraindicated. -- Snarkylicious snark: indicated.


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