Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ode to Google Chrome in Headline Verse and BONUS FEATURE! Secret Images of Google Earth!


Google releases a new browser called "Google Chrome," thus taking on Giant Microsoft.


This calls for an "Ode to Google Chrome in Headlines."

BlogCritics: "Google's Chrome Arrives"

And it's a


Pass around those cigars!

[An aside to BC:

Never lead a story

with a date.

The what

and who

are more important than

the when.]

EETimes: "Google claims browser is easy on memory, CPUs"

The Snarkster is pleased

to hear about the memory bit;

she could better use

what little memory

she has left.

Her CPU, however,

is on its own.

Negative Approach: "Google Chrome and the fear of Zunezilla"


A new buzzword?

Also known as

"an also-ran

version of Firefox

[which] successfully launched

to a minimal audience."

Much like this blog.

HeraldSun.com.au: "Google's Chrome browser out early"

Google Chrome escaped


from its parental


proving, once again,

that kids DO do the damndest things.

Google had no choice

but to allow its feisty child

go forth

and wreak havoc

all over the net.

The Science Christian Monitor: "Google’s reach extends further with Chrome"



The Great Google

IS God.

TS is still awaiting

the bolt

due to arrive

from the heavens.

BoomTown: "Liveblogging From the Google Chrome Launch: Hello, Sundar!"

Uh, TS will pass.

Any site with the word

"Live" in it,

crashes The Snarkster's

pitiful IE7.

ars Technica : "Google unveils Chrome source code and Linux port"

Your name may sound poetic,

but WTF????

ABC News: "Google Polishes Product Line With Chrome Browser"

TV News

Gets Cute with

Its Demographic, but

The Story

Has No Metal,

Just Fluff

And Other Silly


Snark: "Ode to Google Chrome in Headline Verse"

The Snarkster

did not get

The Google Scoop,

But, then, she never does,

so this poem

will have to do...

Ach du and Achoo!

Snark is run

by a thread

and a bear



Secret Images of Google Earth!

anubismoon says,

google earth http://earth.google.com/ (free)

The star and triangle was found near area 51. While it might look like a Star of David, this is a fairly standard layout for a Soviet SA-2 surface-to-air missile site. The radar and fire control equipment would have been in the centre with electrical feeds to the missile launchers in the points of the star. The ancient Myan ruler is real and it is still unknown how he got there


Discover the hidden images of google earth. (locations)

Number 1 is at 06 42 51 N, 42 12 00 E
Number 2 is at 50 00 38 N, 110 06 51 w
Number 3 is at 19 56 56 S, 69 38 02 W
Number 4 is at 37 24 05 N, 116 52 04 W
Number 5 is at 37 37 41 N, 116 50 54 W



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