Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Snarkabel Lee

Snarkabel Lee

It’s been more than a thousand years ago—
In a little Roadhouse down by the Sea,
That a guy like me lived whom you might know
By the smart sexy name of Snarkabel Lee
And I lived everyday with no other thought
Than to love those Bikers down by the Sea.

I was happy and gay as Liberace, my dears—
In that Roadhouse of Sin down by the Sea
And my love was the love of Delilah for Samson
For I was the lewd Size Queen Snarkabel Lee
And all the young Truckers and winged Biker
Seraphs of SM Heaven, they coveted me.

And that’s the reason so very long ago—
In that Ratty Roadhouse down by the Sea
My little Ass wiggled with joy and laughter
For I was the Queen Bee Snarkabel Lee,
My high cheekbones and haughty Tits
Bore me away each & every Lost Weekend
To that Elysian Emporium Love Pit down
By the Sea called the lovely No Tell Motel.

Hunky biker Angels knew me so well—
Better than even I knew myself dontchaknow
Yes, that’s the reason Men are so nice,
Down there in the Roadhouse by the Sea,
They know what all dangerous men know
How to chill and thrill a Queen to death.

My Love grew stronger and stronger—
The young cute Bikers were so Seminal
Far wiser than them though, my dears,
Was I, Snarkabel Lee Drag Queen by the Sea
I knew their greasy oily Death Angel ducktails
And slim Hog-Riding hips better than them!

Moon beams coming down thru motel blinds—
Doing them in, bulging their ogling Eyeballs,
Their snarky climaxes my Rough Trade of Love,
How well they knew my virgin retread Lips

Going down on their hard Harley-Dave Dicks
Turning motel rooms into sexy Sepulchers of
The Living Dead Hard Breathing Lizard Boyz
That I was used to sucking dry to the Bone…

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