Monday, September 8, 2008

Snarky Poetics

Dearest Snorkeling Snarkettes—
Since Snark Poetry and Literature is besmirching becoming so popular thanks to and other excellent snarky Venues on the Internet and in the Blogosphere of the Known Snarky Universe, I’ve taken the opportunity to start a Thread on Snarky Poetry. At the top of the Casablanca List of Usual Snarky Suspects is of course snarky LangPo Lit itself—which is rather snarkaliciously crème de la crème designer perfect de rigueur soup de jour stuff. Here a snark, there a snark—everywhere a snark snark. I shan’t say snarks are pearls—since that would be casting pearls before swine… Beginning with oldies but goodies (Poe’s “The Raven”) and slowly but surely following the golden Ariadne Snarky Thread thru classic, noir, motel moderne & LangPo genres of pulsating pusillanimous poesy… did I say that?


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