Sunday, September 7, 2008

UPDATED!!!! Why Language Matters! Why the Truth Matters! Why Jugglers Matter!!!!


A Million Little Lies: Oprah Ripped James Frey a New One!!!!



After the infamous 2006 Oprah grilling of faux memoirist James Frey, The Snarkster posted this comment on Writer's Weekly, a writing forum:

"Oprah went for Frey's juggler."

Alas, TS had to endure some friendly ribbing from other members. Being fairly thick-skinned, TS, instead of sulking, wrote a poem about James Frey's poor beleaguered Juggler.

James Frey's Juggler

James Frey’s
joggled juggler
flees from a mob
of cuckolded clubbers–
through WritersWeekly dot com,
rehabbing his much-wanted jugular.
A performer too poorly paid
to finagle any longer,
he cooks up
his own memoir:
Mr. Frey’s Trickster
and One Million Manipulated Characters
Who Tumbled to Spill All--
back on her lexicon diet,
devours Crispy Nan,
fried Freys–sucks
juggler jugular

This poem was relevant for about a week--that's the difficulty with topical poems about subjects that fizzle quickly from the popular culture--though The Snarkster would contend that the miracle of YouTube helps.


UPDATE!!! The Snarkster Has Added REAL Jugglers!!!!!


These guys appeared on the 2006 edition of America's Got Talent.



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