Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mavericks (Cleave Poetry)

Mavericks: The McPalin Team*

(Apologies to William Wordsworth)

The cock is crowing -- The Mav'rick a-groaning

The stream is flowing -- The bullshit a-running

The small birds twitter -- The GOP a-flitter

The lake doth glitter -- The banks a-slippin'

The green field sleeps in the sun; -- In fog, the Moose a-hidin'

The oldest and youngest -- He and She wanna-bees

Are at work with the strongest; -- At odds with odds the longest;

The cattle are grazing, -- Joe's six-packs are amazin'

Their heads never raising; -- Their polls ne'er a-risin';

There are forty feeding like one! -- Seven hundred billion? Who won?


Like an army defeated -- The Mav'ricks march unheeded

The snow hath retreated, -- The rescue near defeated,

And now doth fare ill -- Almost disappearin' to nil

On the top of the bare hill; -- Come the Dems to save the bill;

The plowboy is whooping--anon-anon: -- Former playboy, flound'ring--Viet-nam:

There's joy in the mountains; -- There's no joy in mudslinging;

There's life in the fountains; -- No life in the campaignin';

Small clouds are sailing, -- There's a-slumpin' in autumn,

Blue sky prevailing; -- Barracuda's a-floppin';

The rain is over and gone! -- Over and gone: McPalin's pain!

Seed Poem: "March," by William Wordsworth


*Thanks to Eric N. Brown for the photo.

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