Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pukey Political Poem

Pukey Political Poem

Puzzling, isn’t it—how prissy pricks
seem to predominate the pukey political
prognostications lately? Which begs
the question—just how pukey are these
petty proletariat pushy prowling politicians?
As well as perhaps—without sounding
too presumptuous—what perchance,
one might ponder, is the puke level
of the esteemed personages of this
lovely little creative coffee-klatch
schmooze-pit process called debates
and the exciting election trail? We,
the aforementioned participants of
the Titanic—we the precious provincial
couch-potato passengers of this little
ship of fools—we who work daily, pay
the bills, desperately spawning and
clogging the polls with high hopes,
unfailing flatulence, snarky puke
and smarmy quackery?
Are we not
the cat’s meow? Anxious again for
yet another "creative" election?
Argentina, Wall Street, pukey
Enron scams—welcome to the
delightful dingy dystopian
charming Third World?

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