Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally! "" Can Now be Defined as a Hack Domain Name!

Artistic depiction of a sex position. Although Kama Sutra did not originally have illustrative images, part 2 of the work describes different sex positions.

The Snarkster finally found a verb definition of "snark":

1. to have playful, fun sex (intransitive verb).

2. to pleasure one's partner in bed (transitive verb). Examples:

We snarked all afternoon.

We snarked each other until we were too tired to move.
Thanks to the Urban Dictionary.

Who knew?

And to think TS nearly passed on registering

Are we rich yet?


The Chatterley Affair: Snarking on Trial

Jlinck says,

From the BBC, The Chatterley Affair is a passionate love story set in the context of the most famous obscenity trial in publishing history

Was it a book with literary merit or mere smut? That was the question put before a British jury in 1960 about D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover. The trial made headlines around the world, especially since the prosecutor quoted liberally from the book's explicit content while making his argument. Emmy® and BAFTA--winning screenwriter Andrew Davies imagines the effect the trial might have had on two jurors, a man and a woman who were emotionally vulnerable, sexually unfulfilled, and strongly attracted to one another.

Available on DVD at


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