Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Millennium Ago, The Snarkster Dumped "Alliterate Dot.com: Dumpster Diva" on the Extremely Picky (Snort!) Poetry[dot]com

And it's still there! but if they take it down, it will be immortalized here forever! Here, for your reading pleasure...

* * * * *

Time goes by

Wild roses above the beach

Howl, howl, I howl at the moon

The breath of the ocean

The puppies gamboled through the minefield

Watch it fly



Summer, rose hips fall

The blood gushes down

Touch my cheek

The new redneck poets ate barbecue



Time goes by

Fall, snow, snow

Howl down the moon

And it made me cry

Regalia makes the king happy [NOT!]

Night is nigh

I think I need a cigarette

Because I thought of you next to me

That was no lady, that was my car

Oh, how I long for that again.

* * * * *

Actually, The Snarkster isn't entirely responsible for this masterpiece; this gem was a joint effort at a poetry workshop demonstrating how easy it is getting a poem on Poetry[dot]com--and, evidently, keeping it there.

Now for the climax of this post....

[Drum Roll...]


The Master Percy Dovetonsils (Ernie Kovacs) Reads Poetry

hugosleestak says,

Kovacs was a pioneer of TV comedy in the 1950's, edging closer, I think, to performance art than what people typically think of as comedy. Even with Percy Dovetonsils the comedy is odd, low key, and character generated, even though there is a poetic punch line toward the end.


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