Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Snarkster Sorta Waited for the Lizard King, But Then He Up and Died...Well, Maybe...

Jim Morrison's Mug Shot, sometime in 1969

A few months ago, TS received an email from "Dennis," who insisted that Jim Morrison is alive and well and living in Oregon as a cowboy. He gave an email address that took TS to a page that sells western wear (?). This URL will not be revealed here because of pop-ups and other funky stuff. But if you're persistent, Google and you shall find.

Morrison as a cowboy? Somehow, it doesn't quite fit the Lizard King rockstar persona.

Yes, The Legend is dead, TS fears.

Ladies, go home. Go back to your balding and pot-bellied boomer husbands; even if God Morrison were still alive, he, too, would exhibit the ravages of age.

But if you want to believe, this YouTube Video is a MUST SEE:

Jim Morrison is Alive and Well and Living in Oregon!!!!!

rodeoswest says,

Jim is raising horses in the Pacific Northwest. Jim Morrison's agent and producer Gerald Pitts has exclusive rights to Jim's images in still, motion, and likeness and audio.

[Shake head here and heed The GodStar's message:]


"The End" (The Doors)


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