Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Please Don't WIPO The Snarkster! TS Will NEVER Manufacture and Sell Sailboats on This Site...

Snark Sailboat (Photo Released into the Public Domain by Its Copyright Holder )

So if you're looking to buy a Snark Sailboat, please click here.

Consider this a freebie ad.

From Wikipedia:

The Snark is a lightweight lateen rigged sailboat. The early Snarks had hulls made of expanded polystyrene (EPS is most commonly known by the tradename Styrofoam). Later versions have an EPS hull clad inside and out with a layer of ABS. At fifty pounds, eleven feet long with a thirty-eight inch beam, these boats are easy to transport, easy to sail, and unsinkable, a good choice for a beginner or day sailing.

Early Snark sailboats could be purchased with product coupons. For example, a large number of Kool cigarette coupons could be redeemed for a Snark with the Kool logo on the sail. Kool also made the Snark available for $99.
Lovely product, by the way (and, no, I'm not sucking up), though the cigarette premium deal is weird beyond words.


I Want a Snark! A Snark Sailboat in Action (Though I'd Definitely Get Out of the Thunderstorm)

Floydwebtube says,

I bought an old 12' Snark Sunchaser II sailboat. My first sailboat! She's in great shape and I got her for a great price! The boats name on the transom is "Euphoria". I like it... I think I'll keep it. Here's her maiden voyage with my trusty crew!
I assume Floydwebtube is still alive, given he's posting on YouTube.

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  1. Hey, that's my photo! That's my kid sailing the Snark!

    Snark on, Dude!


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