Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nineteen Eighty-Four

I used to have this “spin” on 1984—

A kind of Orwellian dystopian disposition

Toward a nightmare society in the Future…

High school was bad & college worse—

The Viet Nam War stunk and office politics

Made life a miserable mean Baboon Pit…

I knew I’d be a louche lazy husband—

And a down and out no-good deadbeat dad

So I skipped all the domestic “bliss” routine…

Nineteen Eighty-Four always seemed—

Sort of just around the corner hiding behind

Some kind of tricky-dick Nixonian subterfuge...

I used to think Big Brother was Fiction—

Even thou my day to day life was crowded

With lots of dumb Animal Farm Porky Pigs…


Big Bad-Ass Bodokandonkas Sarah’s Show!!!

Watch out! Big Sister’s “preying” for me!!!

When McSame kicks that old Bucket, baby—

Stealthy Sarah Porkin’ gets to be POTUS!!!

Our lovely Diebold Dominatrix Debutante!!!

She’ll be our own special Queen of Hearts—

With her special List of “Off With Their Heads”

And you thought Evita Peron was bad, honey…

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