The Snarkster Plays the Domainin' Snark Game...


The Snarkster is constantly ISO her inner Snark. Being a wordster and a domainer, TS's brain is wired to be always on the outlook for interesting words to attach to a dot-something.

In addition to, she has also discovered some other interesting Snark domains and has registered them; as of 9/28/2008, these domains (with two exceptions) are all redirected here to and all Snark roads will continue leading here until the Snarkster can develop each one into a separate site.

The plan: to build a significant Snark empire. Can it happen?

Stay tuned.


"The Hunting of the Snark" Animation

nemetizoli says,

illustration & animation by edit magyar

music by

sound by oscotron, edit magyar

/CSM 2008./

________________________________________________________________ -- eSnark or e Snark
Electronic Snark? Internet Snark? Slap an "e" in front of every term, and you're connected in Cyberspace. -- Hunting Snark
Refers to Lewis Carroll's poem "The Hunting of the Snark"; Carroll, if you remember from grade school, wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. -- i snark
Internet Snark? Electronic Snark? Slap an "i" in front of every term, and you're connected in Cyberspace. -- i-Snarky or i Snarky -- iSnarky or i Snarky -- McSnark or M.C. Snark
A REALLY cool domain for a really cool dude. McSnark could be a dingbat detective, M.C. Snark a rap snarker. Actually, both characters would fit in nicely within the Snarkosphere (see on this list). -- Snark
WTF is .mobi? It was available and probably for good reason. Snark (supposedly) for your cell phone. Now if the .mobi people can just figure out how to work out the cell phone platform... -- Snark or Snark TV
Oh, man, this domain has so many possibilities. It's a natural for a streaming video snark site, bringing to you the very best in daily snark. "Spare the snark, spoil the networks," notes the website Television Without Pity (TWOP), which would probably be's main competitor. -- Snark-e
(redirects to Snarke) -- Snarkast
Great for a broadcasting site, well, just dunno...maybe that's overreaching. Sounds cool, though. -- Snark-e
(redirects to Snarke) -- Snark-i -- Snarke or Snark E
-- Snarke)
An affectation of "Snark," for example, Olde Towne, Newe Snarke.

Well, it's only six letters, a dotcom, and Puget's new blog. -- Snarket
If Snark trinkets are ever sold on, will be the Snarket Market. -- Snarkin' or Snark in
A whole lot of Snarkin' goin' on, baby... -- Snark It
Snark it, baby, and Snark my fire. -- Snark Me
Redirects to; if the Snarkster tells someone to "," guess what he or she will type into the browser box? Yep, you got it. -- Snarkosphere
Okay, so this is lame and pitiful on Google, but here's a chance to make a limping word go viral. Possible use: a Snarkosphere directory of other Snark websites. -- Snark Site
In domain registration circles, it's considered exceedingly noob to register domain names that end in "site," but this one has a certain resonance to it. IMHO. Also a sibling to -- Snark Sites
A Snark directory: in case Snarkosphere doesn't catch on--one never really knows what will rock the collective cultural boat--this a backup. -- Snarksphere
See "" If Snarkosphere ever goes viral, some dunderheads will insist on leaving that "o" out, so this is simply a defensive registration before the webmaster actually needs a defensive registration.
Snarkylicious -- Snarkylicious or Snarky Licious
Believe it or not, The Snarkster did not make this word up. It's a bit long, but it has that delightful, lip-smacking panache. Besides, the owner of the more logical wanted an extravagant amount for it, so TS kicked in Plan B. -- Snarky McSnark
Lame. But The Snarkster envisions Snarky McSnark as a bumbling character who inhabits--sometimes inhibiting--the realm, spreading the Snark around.

The Snark. Caption:
"The Nature Man comes on Board the Snark," from The Cruise of the Snark, by Jack London, page 180.

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