Saturday, September 27, 2008

Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!!

—for Allen Ginsberg

Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!! Snarky!!! The world is Snarky!!! The soul is Snarky!!! The skin is Snarky!!! Capitol Hill is Snarky!!! The Beltway is Snarky!!! I’m Snarky!!! McSame is Snarky!!! Palin is Snarky!!! Snarky Bush & Chaney!!! Snarky Nixon!!! Snarky Republicans!!! Snarky Democrats!!! Snarky Pricks!!! Snarky Paulson!!! Snarky Wall Street!!! Snarky Congress!!! Snarky Beltway!!! Snarky New York Times!!! Snarky FOX-News!!! My nose is Snarky!!! My tongue and cock and hand and my asshole Snarky!!! Snarky Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac!!! Snarky!!! Snarky the Congress!!! Snarky the Bailout Deal!!! Oh Snarky!!! Everything is Snarky!!! Everybody's Snarky!!! Everywhere is Snarky!!! Everyday is Snarky!!! Every Snarky minute!!! Everyman's a Snarky angel!!! My asshole is Snarky as the seraphim!!! Ginsberg the madman Snarky as you my soul are Snarky!!! Walt Whitman you’re Snarky!!! My computer is Snarky!!! This poem is Snarky!!! My voice is Snarky!!! You listeners Snarky!!! The ecstasy is Snarky!!! Snarky Kerouac Snarky Burroughs Snarky Neil Cassady!!! Snarky the unknown buggered and suffering faggots!!! Snarky the hideous human angels!!! Snarky the Holy Word!!! Snarky the pricks of Poughkeepsie!!! Snarky the old cocks of the grandfathers of Kansas!!! Snarky the groaning zithers!!! Snarky the Arkansas Apocalypse! Snarky the Holy Rollers of Alaska!!! Snarky the Baby Boomers hipsters peace and war!!! Snarky the solitudes of Empire State Building and Art Deco!!! Snarky the Couch Potatoes with their millions of Eyeballs!!!! Snarky the mysterious rivers of tears under the streets!!! Snarky the Rings of Saturn!!! Snarky the Vandals of the Void!!! Snarky Bomba the Jungle Boy!!! Snarky the slaughtered lamb of the bourgeoisie!!! Snarky Paul Newman “Hud” dead today!!!! Snarky Baghdad!!! Snarky Moscow!!! Snarky Hollywood!!! Snarky Los Angeles!!! Snarky New York!!! Snarky San Francisco!!! Snarky Peoria!!! Snarky Seattle!!! Snarky Paris!!! Snarky Rome!!! Snarky Istanbul! Snarky Hump Tulips!!! Snarky Manhattan!!! Snarky time in eternity!!! Snarky eternity in time!!! Snarky the cocks in space!!! Snarky the fourth dimension!!! Snarky the fifth dimension !!! Snarky the Angel in macho Moloch!!! Snarky the sea!!! Snarky the desert!!! Snarky the sky!!! Snarky the airport tearooms!!! Snarky cute Congressional pages!!! Snarky the hot dogs and baseball games!!! Snarky Princeton!!! Snarky Harvard Business School!!! Snarky the sad lost great American highschool Abyss!!! Snarky forgiveness!!! Mercy!!! Charity!!! Faith!!! Snarky me!!! Snarky you!!! Suffering world!!! Snarky us!!! Snarky magnanimity!!! Snarky the supernatural extrabrilliant intelligent Snarkiness of the soul!!!

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