Friday, September 26, 2008

Wall Street in Tatters, The Bitchfest Smackdown Continues!!!!


Is McCain Sarah Palin's Bitch?

LisaNova says,

Alaskan Governer Sarah Palin is John McCain's VP running mate.

Sarah Palin played by LisaNova

Dan Oster as John McCain

**Questions to answer in comment section:

1) What do you think of Sarah Palin, McCain's choice
for VP?

2) Do you think he chose her solely for political reasons?

3) Are people being too tough on her?

4) Is her inexperience equivalent to Obama's?

5) Would you be comfortable with her as President?

6) Who is going to win the election in November? Do
you care?

7) Do you think having Sarah Palin as VP will sway a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters to vote McCain? Follow LisaNova on Twitter:
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Sarah Palin Exclusive Interview with Charles Gibson on ABC!!

LisaNova says,

Please answer comment questions!

1. What did you think of the Sarah Palin Interview?

2. Were you impressed with her knowledge of the issues?

3. Did Charlie Gibson press her enough with his questions?

4. Did the interview alter your impression of her?

5. Why don't you think she's willing to give more interviews?

Charles Gibson played by Dan Oster

Sarah Palin played by Lisa Donovan aka LisaNova
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The Snarkster worries about her money.

Watch as President Bush and his cronies fritter away taxpayer money.

Do we REALLY want to own failing banks, Mortgage Companies, and Freddie and Fanny?

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