Friday, September 5, 2008

A Snarky Poem a la film noir

“Quatorzains from & for Graham Greene”

Gravediggers slowly finishing up—
GReene saying “One never knows,
WhEn the blow may fall” to me
DetEctive’s sesame phrase:
“FrieNd of Harry Lime”—
WinklEr Viennese Jansenist

Seed text = GREENE

Source text = The Third Man (1950)

“Jansenist,” Dr. Winkler commented and closed his mouth sharply as though he had been guilty of giving away too much information.
“Never heard the word. Why are the arms above the head?”
Dr. Winkler said reluctantly, “Because He died, in their view, only for the elect.” —Graham Greene, The Third Man

(Using the diastic method, the writer reads through the source text and successively finds words or other linguistic units that have the letters of the seed text in positions that correspond to those they occupy in the seed text.)

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