Saturday, September 6, 2008

There Was a Little Girl and She Had a Little Gun (Anonymous Nursery Rhyme, 2008 Version)

Sarah and Todd Palin at play.

There was a little girl,
And she had a little gun,
And her bullets were made of lead, lead, lead;
She went to the brook,
and saw a little duck,
And she shot it right through the head, head, head.

She carried it home
to her redneck Todd,
And bade him a fire to make, make, make.
To roast the little duck
She had shot in the brook,
And she'd go and fetch the drake, drake, drake.

The drake was a-swimming
With his curly tail;
The little girl made it her mark, mark, mark.
But gave Todd her gun.
Ach! He fired too soon,
And the drake flew away with a quack, quack, quack.

The G.O.P. came a-calling
with its surly N.R.A.
The little girl flirted with her eyes, eyes, eyes.
Old John wanted her youth.
Ach! She fired dead on,
And she shot him with more lies, lies, lies.


Is This For Real????? Todd Palin EXPOSED! Miss Whale Blubber and Moose Hunter?

steveoaksalaska says,
A Video of Todd Palin from 1996...

In 1996 Bristol Palin daughter of Sarah Palin (presumptive vice-presidential Republican nominee) was attending Iditarod Elementary School in Alaska. The teacher asked the students to ask their parents if they had any unwanted video cameras they could donate (for skits). Bristol Palin brought in a camera. The spurious VHS tape found inside that camera featured her husband Todd Palin talking aloud to five-year old Bristol (she's holding the camera) about wife Sarah Palin regarding her 1996 Wasilla election win. (Her first term as mayor) DON'T MISS THIS! YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT THIS MAN SAYS!

by norm augustinus


Moral of story:

Stand by your man but keep his lip zipped.


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