Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Snarky Trolls of the Blogosphere

Snarky Trolls of the Blogosphere

Trolls are everywhere—
They’re down there in the subways
When you least expect it watch out
They pose as if they’re simply normal
Yet they reveal themselves occasionally
Trolls are disguised and disgusting
Especially the ones in New York City
Trolls are everywhere—
Trolls haunt the Blogosphere
They slither & slide—so snarkily
Trolls are sharks—of the Snarkosphere
They gobble up surfers—here & there
Old tires and garbage—you name it
Pilot fish & bottom fish—follow them
Scummy little sycophantic slime-balls
A happy little school—for sick scandal
Some want attention—ugly flashers
Others hurt inside—wanna get even
Some bored-of playing with themselves
Others never grow-up—eternal freaks
Some are retired assholes—varicose-veined
Others are Joe Six-Packs—wanting a thrill
Some are malcontents—working for TPTB
Professional Trolls—hired keyboard sluts
Some patrol the Blogs—and Blab away
Some Lurk and Smirk—closet-case types
Others troll literary sites—snarky & cool
Mostly gossiping in empty contest forums
Some troll in Drag—calling themselves Lulu
Others butch it up—Big Daddy dumb types
Some are smart—some are just smart-ass
Others are Pinheads—some Bearded Ladies.
Some are Carnival Freaks—Penguin Boyz
Others are Alligator Boyz—Scaly Trash
Some are Creepazoids and Cockroaches
Others are Sneaky Little Centipedes—
All crawly legs and quivering Antennae
Some are Rats—hiding in the Wainscoting
Coming out to nibble on smegma dick-cheese
Others are Zombie Boyz who love dead meat
They live in the Sewers where there’s heat
Some are Creatures from the Black Lagoon
Lonely sad Lizards without girlfriends
Others are always hiding under rocks
But they all have one thing in common—
They’re parasites of modern technology…
It makes one wonder what in the world
They did with themselves before the Net?

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